Scientific Name : Ceratonia Siliqua L.
Synonyms : Ceratonia Coriacea Salisb.
English Name : Carob
Other Names in English : Carob tree, Karoub, Honey bread, Sweet Pod
Family : Leguminosae

General Data

Carob is in many skin care products and medications. Show More

    It’s usually labeled as C. siliqua, which is the scientific name for carob gum. The gum comes from the seeds, which are 35 percent gum.

    Food manufacturers are replacing guar gum with carob gum as it displays similar properties.

    Carob gum is mainly used in cosmetics as:

    • An adhesive or binder.
    • A stabilizer for liquids.
    • A fragrance.
    • A texture enhancer.

    Carob is used as a flavoring agent and as a chocolate substitute. Carob flour and extracts are also used as ingredients in food products.

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    Seeds and pulp are used as thickeners, stabilizers, and as natural sweeteners in the food industry.

    Product Details


    It is a plant of the Leguminosae family, a beautiful tree 7 to 12 meters tall, which leaves are compound, consisting of 8 to 10 pairs of reddish-green leaflets, shiny, thick and leather like. The circumference of the trunk of this tree reaches 2 meters. The flowers are petal less, clustered, red or amethystine. The fruit is a long, curved, fleshy pod 10 to 30 cm long, the fruit has a very sweet taste similar to honey, and inside the pod there are 12 to 16 hard seeds similar to lentils. This tree is native to the Mediterranean region and grows wild in Syria, Chamat and Anatolian desert. In Iran it grows only in Fars province near Kazerun.

    Chemical Constituents

    Carob fruit: about 60% Carbohydrates, 33% Sucrose, 18% Glucose, Tannin and other materials.
    Carob Seeds: Fatty oil, resin included Mannose and Galactose.

    Medical disclaimer

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