Gum Arabic

Scientific Name : Acacia Senegal Willd.
Synonyms : Acacia Rupestris Stocks., Acacia Verek Guill. Et Perr., Acacia Trispinosa Stocks
Other Names in English :
Family : Leguminosae

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It is a gum that emanates from the branches of the Acacia shrub, especially the Acacia Senegal, due to insect bites, or when the branches are hit by the wind or scratch them so that the scratches are superficial. In terms of color, it varies depending on what kind of acacia it is taken from, when and how it is taken, but the darker the color and the browner it is, the worse it is and the better the white or yellowish white type. Its parts are in the form of teardrops or small pieces and if it is broken, its cross section is shiny and streaked with white lines and it dissolves completely in water and creates a sticky lotion.

Chemical Constituents

Minerals, Arabinogalactan, two types of sugars called Arabinose and Galactose, Water, Tannin, Tanoside, Several Diastases called Oxidase and Peroxidase – Amylase and Emulsion.

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