Stinging Nettle

Scientific Name : Urtica Dioica L., Urtica Urens L.
Synonyms : Urtica Minor Lam.
Other Names in English : Common nettle, Large nettle, Great nettle.
Family : Urticaceae

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It is a perennial plant with a rectangular stem that reaches up to one meter in height and is covered with sticky fibers and its structure is fibrous. The leaves are opposite, oval, large, pointed, with large teeth and very distinct veins, and the flowers are light green or slightly yellow, usually on two separate stems, female and male. The conical villi and filaments that cover the plant are sticky and stinging and cause discomfort, burning and itching as soon as they come in contact with the skin of the human body. This plant grows wildly in gardens and shady places next to hedges, along roads and houses in different regions of northern Iran and the slopes of Alborz province and summer houses around Tehran.

Chemical Constituents

The stinging hairs contain acetyl choline, histamine and 5- hydroxytryptamine. Acetyl choline is also present in leaves, roots and stem. The stem contains histamine, leaves yield betaine and choline. The leaves are rich sources (upto 30%) of proteins, containing all essential amino acids. Seeds yield oil (33%) and are rich in linoleic and oleic acids.

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