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Ata Sodabi

Seyedmajid Aletaha


Rasin IT GmbH which is located in Vienna, Austria since 2017, and has been active in filed import and export of herbal medicine, dried fruits, seeds, seasons and natural and plant resins. It is worth to mentioned that We are a young and motivated team who are looking to innovate in market, alongside provide the premium quality and able to offer products in bulk and unique package.


Our mission is to deliver a variety of products and long-term cooperation in order to create sustainable conditions with our business partners. In this regard, we will always be proud to guide our products at all stages to our respected partners.


Honor to said that, the goal is not only to sell products, but also more significantly, our team desperately seeking the satisfaction of our customers.
Please feel free to contact us if any comment.


Our strategy is to accompany with indigenous farmers from all over the world, especially in the Middle East, who produce high-quality products. These products will be shipped to Austria after receiving European required health certificates and licenses, then ready to be transferred in bulk or packaging from Austria to throughout the world. This method eliminates brokers and makes it possible for us to offer high -quality products directly with reasonable prices. Moreover, to further reduce costs, we are able to send products directly from the origin country after receiving the authorized certificates of the destination country.

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