Damask Rose

Scientific Name : Rosa Damascena Mill.
Synonyms : Rosa Calendarum Borkh, Rosa Gellica Var Damascena Vss
Other Names in English :
Family : Rosaceae

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It is a plant of the Rosaceae family, it is a small shrub with flowering branches, curved and thorny with large and small prickles, which large prickles are flat, curved and in the shape of a sickle, and with its small prickles accompanied a tuber. Damask rose is found wild in different parts of Iran at an altitude of 300 meters, in different parts of Alborz and also in Arak. The very fragrant type is called “Gole Mohammadi” or “rosewater flower”, which has 5 to 7 toothed petals and the leaves are shiny green and the back of the leaves is furry, the flowers are pale pink and appear in spring. This species is cultivated in different regions of Iran, especially in Kashan Ghamsar, Ravand and other parts of Kashan and in Fars, Meymand and in Azerbaijan and Qazvin and a number of cities in Iran.

Chemical Constituents

Citronellol (14.5–47.5%), nonadecane (10.5–40.5%), geraniol (5.5–18%), henicosane (7–14%).
There are some studies on chemical compositions of rose water and rose absolute. Phenyl ethyl alcohol (78.4%), citronellol (9.9%), nonadecane (4.4%) and geraniol (3.7%) have been reported as the main compounds of rose absolute. Geraniol (30.7%), citronellol (29.4%), phenyl ethyl alcohol (23.7%) and nerol (16.1%) have been reported as the main components of rose water while heneicosane (19.7%), nonadecane (13%), tricosane (11.3%), citronellol (7.1%), geraniol (2%) and citronellal (2.2%) also have been reported as the main component of rose water. In study that is published in 2015, the analysis of 10 rose water samples from Shiraz (Iran) revealed the presence of phenylethyl alcohol, geraniol and β-citronellol as the main components of rose water samples.

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