Scientific Name : Ficus Carica L.
Synonyms :
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Family : Moraceae

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It is a plant from berry strips and the Moraceae family, it has a tree that is 5 or 6 meters tall and sometimes more. The leaves are broad, large, and the claw with a notch has five sections, looks like vine leaves, rough and gray-green. It is the only tree that bears fruit without blossom or flowers. The fruits appear at the end of the leaf, the color of the fruit turns green before ripening and yellow or brown or black after ripening, inside the fruit there are grains the size of flixweed. The taste of the fruit is sweet when ripe, and the longer it stays, the sweeter it becomes. Figs originated in the Orient and have been cultivated for centuries in subtropical Mediterranean climates. The fig tree grows in large parts of the forests of northern Iran, Azerbaijan, Isfahan, around Tehran, Shiraz, Khuzestan, Khorasan and western Iran.

Chemical Constituents

Each 100 grams of raw and dried figs contains the following ingredients:
23g Water, 4.3g Protein, 1.3g Fat, 69g Carbohydrates, 126mg Calcium, 77mg Phosphorus, 3mg Iron, 34mg Sodium, 640mg Potassium, 0.1mg Thiamine, 0.1mg Riboflavin, 0.7mg Niacin, Sugar, Starch, Cellulose, Enzyme, Lime, Nitrogen materials, Manganese, Bromine, Proteose, Protease, Ficin, Ash, Lipase, Cravin, Carotin, Tyrosine, Amino acid, Malic acid, Boric acid, Crotonic acid, Citric acid.

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