Scientific Name : Astragalus Gossypinus Fisch. Var Filagineus Boiss., Astragalus Gummifer Labill, Astragalus Echidna Bge., Astragalus Verus Oliv. Astragalus Brachycalyx Fisch, Astragalus Parrowianus Boiss & Hausskn., Astragalus Creticus Lamk.
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Family : Leguminosae

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The resin of some species of astragalus tree is known as Tragacanth. To extract this gum, you must first remove some soil from the lower part of the plant trunk. Then, make some notches on the lower part of the trunk near the root. The resin which extracts from the plant, after a short time, dries and hardens in the presence of air. There are two types of Tragacanths: white and yellow. White tragacanth comes in relatively thin, elongated, twisted, white, translucent, and brittle bands. Yellow tragacanth is small, irregular, yellowish, sometimes brownish, sometimes reddish, translucent, and brittle patches.
The best tragacanth should be white, smooth, relatively soft, thin, pure, odorless, and slightly sweet.

Chemical Constituents

Tragacanthin, Bassurine, Uronic Acid, Arabinose, Galacturonic Acid, Galactose, Xylose

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