Scientific Name : Pistacia Lentiscus L.
Synonyms : Pistacia Gummifera Salisb.
Other Names in English :
Family : Pistaciaceae

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Mastic gum or sap is a yellow resin which is taken from the branches and stems of shrubs of the pistachio family Anacardiaceae, which is a small shrub or tree, usually up to 3 meters high, but if grown well and taking cared of, in the garden its height reaches 14 meters. It is a shrub with almost evergreen leaves that all parts of the plant smells mastic resin. During the warm months of the year, small droplets are secreted out of the stems and branches of this tree and harden after a short time in the presence of air. For more production, locals make incisions in the trunk and branches of the tree, taking an average of 4 to 5 kilograms of resin gum from each tree. The Mastic that is marketed is the shape of small hard teardrops in the size of a small lentil or pea, yellow, semi-transparent and slightly fragrant, and when chewed in the mouth, it softens and the aromatic taste is felt.

Chemical Constituents

Essential oils and about 90% of acids including Masticic Acid, Masticolic Acid, and Masticoresene.

Medical disclaimer

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