Scientific Name : Ferula Galbaniflua Boiss. Et Buhse.
Synonyms : Ferula Gummosa Boiss.
Other Names in English :
Family : Umbelliferae

General Data

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It’s a resin gum derived from a plant in the Unbelliferae family. It has a perennial plant up to 2 meters tall. Leaves similar to the leaves of a sycamore tree, but with more cuts, divided several times into dusty green and covered with fibers. Its stems are narrow and cylindrical. Its flowers are yellow. This plant has been identified in Iran in large areas of the high slopes of Alborz and other cities. As a result of an insect bite, sap is removed from the stem of this plant, or for more production, a slit is made in the stem or the stem is cut to remove more and faster sap from it. This juice gradually hardens in the presence of air and is marketed in two ways:
1- In the form of a teardrop that is white to greenish or red and is about the size of a hazelnut in terms of dimensions, and if it is broken, its cross section is bright yellow, which darkens in the presence of air and its taste is astringent, bitter and it is biting with a strong and unpleasant smell and if it is put on fire, it will melt and burn like frankincense.
2- Pile type is in the form of irregular and larger pieces in dirty white color and mixed with external and impure materials.

Chemical Constituents

Essential oil 10-19.5%, gum 5-10%, 63-75% resin which are Galbano-Resinotannole and Umbelliferone.

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